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Build Lasting Relationships by Offering Free Medicare Assistance

Seniors need more Medicare information. Earlier this year, Managed Healthcare Executive reported on poll results that showed nearly one in three Medicare enrollees feel they don’t have enough information on Medicare Advantage options, and more than half are not familiar with Star Ratings for plans.

For seniors on a fixed income, selecting the right healthcare plan is a high-stakes decision. Independent insurance sales agents are in a good position to help, but some Medicare enrollees may not realize this. Many seniors are worried about costs, and some of them might not realize free assistance is available.

By offering free Medicare information, you can prove your worth, build solid relationships, and gain loyal clients.

Seniors Have Embraced Tech

When you need information, you probably start by going online. Many seniors are no different.

According to Pew Research Center, 59% of seniors between the ages of 65 and 69 had a smartphone in 2017. Seniors are using social media, too – 46% of seniors aged 65 and older use Facebook.

And these statistics come from before the pandemic. As Bloomberg CityLab reports, many seniors have embraced technology to deal with social isolation. They’ve learned how to navigate Zoom. More are shopping online and taking online courses.

These new habits won’t disappear when the pandemic ends. Seniors are now tech-savvy. This means insurance agents need to be tech-savvy, too.

Build Your Online Presence

When Medicare enrollees go looking for information online, you want to make sure they find you. This means you need a solid online presence that includes both a website and social media.

  • Make your website accessible. Seniors may be embracing technology, but they don’t want to deal with annoying websites. Your website should be easy to navigate and fast to load. Also keep in mind that seniors may have vision problems. Avoid small fonts and include alt text for images to help people using screen readers.
  • Pick a social media platform or two. No one expects you to be active on every social media platform, but you should pick one or two that you’re comfortable with and that your potential customers use. Facebook still tends to be popular among seniors, so it’s a good option.
  • Keep your website and social media feed updated. You should post to social media every week – every day is even better. Your website should also look current. Update it before and after AEP, for example, and make sure your contact information is always correct. You can also embed your social media feed on your website. Facebook provides a plugin to make this easy.
  • Provide useful information. Provide important news updates related to Medicare, as well as warnings about scams, information on benefits, and other issues that impact Medicare enrollees. You can also provide information on other topics that seniors find interesting or useful. Don’t worry – you don’t need to write all this content yourself. If you’re looking for great content to share, check out Western Asset Protection’s Facebook page.

Offer Virtual Meetings

Meetings are a great way to provide Medicare information while getting to know potential clients.

You can meet with your clients using Zoom or another video conferencing system. Educational events can also be held online using Zoom or another program.

  • Although some seniors might need help setting up the tech, many have learned how to use Zoom by now. Some of them might be better at it than you!
  • Ask clients and prospective clients about their preferred communication methods and include video conferencing as option for important discussions.
  • Always comply with the Medicare Communications and Marketing Guidelines.
  • Take cyber security seriously, especially when handling sensitive personal information.

Use a Personalized URL

While you’re upping your tech game, make sure you get a Personalized URL, or PURL. When you send this PURL to clients, you know they’ll get the information you want them to get – and you’ll get the commission. You can get your own PURL through the WAP Enrollment Express portal. Not sure how to use? Click here to watch the training video in the Medicare Engine Agent Portal available to all Western Asset Protection agents.

Act Now

Don’t wait for the next AEP. Seniors need help with initial enrollment, special enrollment periods, and D-SNPs year-round. They also need information year-round. By being the person who provides that information – reliably and for free – you can build lasting agent-client relationships.