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Medicare Insurance Sales: Two Methods for Successful Follow-Up

Keeping your name in front of your clients is key to keeping them loyal and top of mind when they are talking to their family and friends.

However, when you are contacting your clients, are you checking in or trying to gather a check?  If the only reason you contact your clients is to solicit a product or service, you become less of a trusted agent and more of a nuisance.

Simply checking in with your clients shows that you are a trusted resource that is available to them should they need help with a situation, a concern, or have a referral.

Two Ways to Successful Follow-up:

  1. An easy way to go from annoying to trusted advisor is to schedule your calls and contacts before you end an appointment. If the call or appointment is expected or was agreed to in advance, you are fulfilling your commitment with your clients, and not “cold calling” them.
  2. Ask your clients “what is your preferred method of communication?” Some clients may prefer a phone call while others may want you to send them an email or text message. If you are communicating on a platform they are most comfortable with, your response rate will be higher and it will result in a better overall experience for your clients.

What all this means for the agent:

Always schedule your next contact with your clients on a platform they prefer. This will help to keep you top of mind with clients and demonstrate you can be trusted to do what you say to are going to do. Remember, it is not your client’s responsibility to remember you, it is your responsibility not to be forgotten.