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6 Ways to Supercharge Your Medicare Marketing Now

It’s time to refresh your Medicare marketing efforts. As usual, we have a lot of ideas to help you get started. In fact here are six ways to supercharge your Medicare marketing now!

1. Thank You Notes
Cost: $1-2. Return: Priceless.

Thank you notes are powerful marketing tools. Most agents don’t use them, so they are highly differentiating. After you talk to a client, send a hand-written card. You can purchase your own cards or order them through your carriers. Thank them for the talk, their time, or anything else that stood out about your time together. Make sure to enclose a few business cards.

2. Spring Mailer
Cost: $1. Return: Retention & referrals.

Create a spring mailer. This helps clients remember you and prevents other agents from getting a foot in the door. It’s much easier to retain existing clients than to engage new ones! This mailing will also help to identify any clients who have moved so you can correct their addresses before AEP. Customize your letter with your logo, contact info and photo. Enclose a few business cards and add a P.S. to encourage referrals at the bottom of your letter.

3. Pre-AEP Mailer
Cost: $1 each. Return: Better production.

Now is the time to create your 2018 AEP Retention Letter. Here is a sample to get you startedGet your letter into your customers’ hands by 9/15/18 and preempt all your competitors’ TV, seminar and mail campaigns. Remind them that you will help them shop and compare most major plans and enclose extra business cards. Try to beat the ANOC date of 9/30.

4. Emails and Newsletters
Cost: Time. Return: Year-round Relationship.

Email is a powerful, green and inexpensive way to keep in touch with your clients – especially those who travel. Start collecting email addresses on enrollment forms and add them to your database or CRM system. Email clients quarterly with helpful information. You can also use a system such as Constant Contact to create an email newsletter. Notify them of key timelines, share articles and resources and let them know of other products and services you offer.

5. T-65 Mailers
Cost: $1 each. Return: Up to a 1% at $250-$450/deal.

Always Be Dripping!  Buy lists of people turning 65 and send them a letter a few months in advance. Mail 10-50 letters a week and personally address them. Make your letter unique, local and mention that you are an independent agent offering your services. Check out carrier toolkits for some great T65 flyers to enclose.

6. T-65 Calling (Not for MAPD or PDP)
Cost: $450-$600 per 1,000. Return: Appointments.

Medicare Supplements allow you to contact people who are NOT on the Do Not Call List. Purchase a list of people turning 65 to 67 and develop a phone script. Your goal is to meet with seniors in their homes to review Med Supp options. Note: You cannot bait and switch to MAPD or PDP but you can advise on Med Supp. Consider cold calling to get in on GTL/Hospital Indemnity.

Use these tools to get inspired and kick-start your marketing efforts! Need even more inspiration? Take 43 minutes to watch Paul’s video below: