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Medicare & You eHandbook: Available Now

Now is a great time to go paperless. The Medicare & You handbook is available as an eHandbook. Medicare enrollees can download their digital copy now. They can also sign up to get the eHandbook instead of the paper copy in the future.

Information When and Where You Need It

The Medicare & You handbook is an important reference tool for beneficiaries. It includes information on benefits, rights and protections, as well as lists of health and drug plans and answers to frequently asked questions.

The eHandbook contains all of this information as well, but the digital format makes it easier to search. It’s compatible with Kindle, iPad, Nook, Sony eReader and other eReaders, so it’s easy to bring with you on the go. You can’t say that about the old paper version.

Even better, the eHandbook is easy to update. CMS says it will email beneficiaries who have opted for the digital copy to let them know when there are major updates to the eHandbook.

Save Money and Trees

There are approximately 60 million people enrolled in Medicare. It costs a lot of money to print and mail paper copies of the handbook to all of them. According to CMS, switching to electronic copy will help save tax dollars.

Money isn’t the only resource that will be saved. Because the electronic copies don’t require paper, switching to the electronic version will also save trees.

Get Your Copy

You can download your eHandbook today. Simply go the Medicare & You download page and pick your preferred format. The eBook comes in three versions: a Kindle version; a non-Kindle version for iPad, Nook, Sony eReader and other eReaders; and an all-device version.

Download Handbook


The handbook is also available to download in PDF and large print PDF forms, and as audio podcast in English or Spanish. Beneficiaries can call 1-800-MEDICARE to request an audio CD or braille copy.

To stop receiving the physical handbook in the mail, Medicare enrollees should complete the form here.