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Tech Prep to Serve Medicare Clients Remotely

Your Medicare clients need you now more than ever. They also need social distancing. Here’s how you can use tech to help your clients remotely.

Communication Options

Seniors are especially vulnerable to COVID-19, so your Medicare clients may be feeling frightened. Due to the need for self-isolation, they may also be feeling very lonely. Reach out to them to provide Medicare updates and crucial information, and also just to check in.

Although you may send out some messages on social media, personal contact is also important.

  • Send emails. Emails are good for longer messages and updates.
  • Write text messages to current clients following these guidelines. Text messages work well for shorter messages and updates.
  • Pick up the phone. A friendly voice will be appreciated now.

As always, compliance with all relevant regulations is essential.

Remote Meetings

If you need to discuss something more in-depth with a client, you may need to schedule a remote meeting.

Your clients may already use some tools – like Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts or FaceTime – to stay in touch with family and friends. See if there’s a program that works well for them and set up a meeting.

If your clients aren’t familiar with any tools, see if you can talk them through the process of getting something set up.

Go Paperless

For anyone who hasn’t already made the switch to paperless transactions, now is the time.

Medicare has information on electronic resources, including electronic Medicare Summary Notices and the site.

Now is also a good time to get training from your carriers on electronic enrollment processes. Many carriers offer online enrollment tools. You can access training videos through your WAP portal. Remember that the WAP website is available 24/7 site to help with your electronic enrollment needs.

Avoid Cyber Threats

There have already been reports of misinformation and even scams surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. Avoid cyber threats and share these tips with your clients.

  • Stick to reliable sources, such as Medicare and the CDC. Unreliable sources may spread misinformation – or malware!
  • Watch out for scams. People may try to sell bogus “cures.” They may also use offers to trick people into clicking on malicious links or providing personal information.
  • Maintain good cyber security practices. As always, use strong passwords, secure networks, up-to-date programs and anti-virus software.

Brush up on Your Training

If you have some extra time due to all those cancelled events, now is a good time to brush up on your Medicare knowledge and skills.

The Medicare Library is your premier resource for Medicare training. Use it to master Medicare and increase your sales.

Next month’s Talk-O Tuesday topic will be Flex Your Tech. Talk-O-Tuesday happens on the second Tuesday of every month from 11:00 to 12:00 Arizona Time. This information is more important now than ever, so stay tuned.